Condor Quality and abundance witnessed at DA-RFO 5 off-season vegetable derby

11 October 2021

          by: Em-Em Mandanas

Vegetable Derby - DA-RFO 5 1

Vegetable growers and Department of Agriculture (DA) staff and officials witnessed a showcase of pinakbet hybrid varieties by large seed distributors of the Philippines, on 8 October 2021, during the field tour of the Off-season Vegetable Derby. The activity was organized by the DA-Regional Field Office 5 (RFO 5).

Vegetable Derby - DA-RFO 5 9

Allied Botanical Corporation (ABC) highlighted its pinakbest hybrid such as calabaza La Vida F1, ampalaya Trident Improved F1, eggplant Warhawk F1, yardlong bean Verdana, hot pepper Pinatubo F1, and panigang pepper Panigang Best.

Vegetable Derby - DA-RFO 5 3
Vegetable Derby - DA-RFO 5 14

Vegetable growers from various Bicol provinces were amazed by the quality and abundance of Condor varieties powered by ABC’s line of fertilizers and fungicides, Crop Care PRO brand.

Vegetable Derby - DA-RFO 5 11
Vegetable Derby - DA-RFO 5 4

DA-RFO 5 Regional Executive Director Rodel Tornilla graced the one-day activity. Farmer-participants also harvested large and heavy Condor vegetables during field tour.

Vegetable Derby - DA-RFO 5 12

ABC team also displayed produce and Condor Quality Seeds and Crop Care PRO products at its booth stationed near the vegetable plot.

Vegetable Derby - DA-RFO 5 6
Vegetable Derby - DA-RFO 5 7

Large, heavy, and firm fruits of La Vida F1, Trident Improved F1, and Warhawk F1, as well as long and medium green pods of Verdana displayed at the booth.


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