Cultivating Sustainability:

Allied Botanical Corporation and Mayani's Ceremonial Signing

16 May 2024

          by: Christine Sanchez

Two prominent players in the country’s agricultural landscape, Allied Botanical Corporation and Mayani, came together to take a significant step in fostering sustainable and inclusive agriculture practices and promoting local food systems.

Mayani Ceremonial signing a1

[Photo] Left to Right: Mr. Aldwin Besin (ABC, Vice President of Sales and Marketing), Mr. Jayson Villegas ABC, President), Mr. Mark Co (ABC, Vice President of Operations), Mr. Ochie San Juan (Mayani, Co-Founder and Chief Farmer, and Mr. Dakila Olfindo (Mayani, Farmer Partnership Manager)

This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the pursuit of agricultural sustainability, highlighting the importance of partnerships in driving positive and transformative change in the industry.


The ceremonial signing between Allied Botanical Corporation and Mayani signals the shared commitment to promote sustainable farming, support local farmers, and encourage consumer education. Together, achieving a future for agriculture that is not only productive and profitable but also regenerative and resilient becomes an easier mission.

Mayani Ceremonial signing b2

Allied Botanical Corporation, a leading provider of high-quality seeds and agricultural inputs, has long been committed to innovation and sustainability in agriculture. Mayani, on the other hand, is a tech-driven platform that connects consumers directly with local farmers, promoting transparency and fair-trade practices. By joining forces, these two organizations are poised to leverage their respective strengths to create a more sustainable and resilient food system.

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