ABC Creates a Spectacle of Highland Greens

07 March 2024

          by: Christine Sanchez

A field full of healthy and bountiful greens! That is what Allied Botanical Corporation gifted the participants of Tagumpay sa Gulay: Nationwide Vegetable Derby and Techno-Demo Showcase. Held at the Baguio National Crop Research, Development, and Production Support Center, Tagumpay sa Gulay is an important component in assisting the current administration’s campaign to alleviate food insecurity.


Allied Botanical Corporation, as one of the leading seed development companies in the Philippines, did not miss the opportunity to showcase its top performing highland varieties – CR Halsema F1 (Chinese cabbage), Avenger F1 (broccoli), and Scorpio F1 (cabbage).


The high-yielding hybrid Chinese cabbage, CR Halsema F1, did not disappoint as it produced uniform, compact, and medium long barrel-shaped heads. Aside from having intermediate resistance to black rot and soft rot, this dark green beauty also has good shipping quality.


Avengers assembled in Baguio! Bountiful clusters of Avenger F1 were a feast for the eyes of the participants with its green and compact flower heads. This hybrid broccoli variety is ideal for top-cut market with its head weight averaging at 650 to 700 grams.


Another promising leafy green variety, Scorpio F1, captured the attention of growers and farmers with its heavy, compact heads with purple veins. Aside from being a heat tolerant variety, the Scorpio F1 has excellent eating quality. Its unique combination of juiciness and sweetness makes it a perfect choice for an assortment of dishes.

consumers choice
farmers choice
technicals choice

With an admirable line up, Allied Botanical Corporation bagged the first place for three categories –  Farmer’s Choice, Consumer’s Choice and Technical’ s Choice for Broccoli, Chinese Cabbage, and Cabbage. This recognition is proof that the company continues to stand by its commitment to deliver premium, global farming products and making it accessible to the Filipino farmer.

TSG win

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