Cabbage Grand KK Cross F1 amazes former OFW and newbie farmer in Ormoc City

21 July 2021

          by: Em-Em Mandanas


Photos from Bernadita Beringa

Ms. Bernadita Beringa, a newbie farmer from Ormoc City, Leyte happily shared her first-ever vegetable farming experience with Grand KK Cross F1, which withstood the destructive impacts of two typhoons – Bising (April) and Dante (June).


Grand KK Cross F1 is a flat-type hybrid cabbage variety for low to mid-elevation areas. This vigorous and versatile variety produces compact and deep green-colored heads with small core, ideal for Visayas and Mindanao market.


Beringa is a former OFW in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, who worked as an Arabic translator for five years. She went home to the Philippines in 2019 to venture into business while studying BS Criminology in Sto. Niño College in Ormoc City.


This 2021, she decided to start vegetable farming as an additional source of income. With the help of her brother-in-law, who is also a cabbage farmer in the area, Beringa learned the basics of growing cabbage. To start her agri-business, she bought two cans of Grand KK Cross F1 from local dealers to plant on approximately one-hectare land.


Just like every kind of business, risks and challenges are inevitable.

Last April, Ms. Bernadita was worried that the Bising typhoon would sweep away the crops at their early vegetative stage— just a week after transplanting. But the crops were not completely damaged and a good percentage were able to resist the heavy rains. Runga was still thankful that she could expect a good harvest despite the calamity occurrence.

Moreover, a week before the harvesting of Grand KK Cross F1, another typhoon attempted to destroy the crops at the maturity stage. Again, thankfully, the variety withstood the calamity that directly hit the Visayas region.


On 13 June 2021, Ms. Bernardita finally had her first-ever vegetable harvest, with 10,000 kilos of Grand KK Cross F1 weighing 1 – 2 kg per head. According to her, she was amazed how the variety still produced very good foliage despite the harmful weather.

The price for cabbage during that week of harvest is not as high as the previous months. But it’s significant to note that Ms. Bernardita was able to gain at least an 80% profit from the harvest.

Grand KK Cross F1

Indeed, every experience is a learning experience and Ms. Bernadita is proud to share that her first try with farming is really worth it, sharing that she already bought another two cans of Grand KK Cross F1 for July planting.



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