Condor Community project

Aligned with ABC’s vision towards safe and healthy communities and to help address the food insecurity during the Covid-19 pandemic, Condor Cares: Vegetable Community Garden project aims to help its partner-beneficiaries establish community gardens in various regions of the country.

ABC provides various communities with Condor Seeds, Crop Care PRO fertilizers, and other farm tools and conducts training on sustainable vegetable production. ABC partners with non-government organizations serving vulnerable groups of the society and local government units with established community gardens.

Servicing the People

Throughout its history, Allied Botanical Corporation has always upheld its service to the people as its greatest purpose and continues to explore new avenues to give back to the community beyond the boundaries of agriculture.

Supporting an Endangered Species

Allied Botanical Corporation founder and president Willy Co adopted Bighani, a Philippine eagle, appropriately named after one of the company’s corn varieties. In collaboration with the Philippine Eagle Association, a fraction of the company’s profits was allocated to the upbringing of Bighani as well as the preservation of his critically endangered species.

Condor Cares Kitchen

In 2020, an Enhanced Community Quarantine lockdown in response to the Covid-19 pandemic forced millions in the Philippines to remain at home which severely limited access to food, supplies, and public services. To provide relief during this difficult period, Allied Botanical Corporation opened the Condor Cares Kitchen which prepared and distributed meals to those who needed them most.

Condor cares4b

Cultivating Knowledge

In its mission to keep the industry alive and educate the youth, Allied Botanical Corporation has provided full scholarships to the aspiring agriculture students of Benguet State University. It is through these programs that they will be equipped with the knowledge that they will need on the field.




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